Monday, June 15, 2020

Andrew Jackson Downing, Creating The American Identity - 2475 Words

Art And Architecture: Andrew Jackson Downing, Creating The American Identity (Essay Sample) Content: ANDREW JACKSON DOWNING, CREATING THE AMERICAN IDENTITY(Your Name)(Course/Subject)(Date)Born in the fiscal year 1815, Andrew Jackson is a landscape architect and a writer of two major books dubbed Country Houses and Cottage Residence. To Downing, architecture is supposed to be something that portrays the American home. His writings were able to show Americans how to build their homes and live in them. To relate to his audience, Downing employed the characteristics of human beings to various architectural forms. In addition, he purported that the most suitable setting for a domestic American life was a composed and controlled environment. Most of his building designs were rural houses made for a single family setting. This was normally in an Italianated or Picturesque style. This essay seeks to look into Downing books and know his perspectives on the landscape American architecture.Known for formulating a new landscape design theory in the 18th century, Downing is also known for integrating this 18th century theory to an American 19th century house design. Most of his theories were premised on the emotional and sensual responses that people to tend to bring to an art work. The previous landscape architectures tended to break the classical tradition. In most cases, Downing cited these English authors despite the fact that his work greatly contrasted the English landscape theory. In his books, Downing portrays houses that are normally referred to as Gothic style buildings. This is a contrast because despite the fact that Downing had many building styles, none of his work contains the word revival. Downing understood the American society as class divisions that required to be illustrated in his architectural books. Downing connoted that these classes formed...

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